Cons of Eating Restaurants|What can be explore at Nightclub restaurants in Phnom Penh

What can be explore at Nightclub restaurants in Phnom Penh


Cons of Eating Restaurants

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Disadvantages of Eating at the Restaurants


Once in a while eating at the restaurants can provide many advantages such as building family or friend relationship, relaxation, and getting to know more people. However, there are also many disadvantages of eating at the restaurants attached as well. Below shows several disadvantages of eating at the restaurants.



Eating at the restaurants can be very costly. Normally eating at the restaurants costs at least seven dollars to ten dollars per once as it also charges for the services, air conditioner, and the free wifi. Some restaurants may cost you over hundred dollars. Plus, it is expensive because the restaurants also need to get some profit over food to keep their business going. This might not be the problem to some people as they are well off or once in a while, they want to experience eating outside their homes. However, if some of you find it problematic, then you should reconsider again and again before deciding to go and eat outsides.

Different tatse


Some people who always get used to their home tastes, it might be hard for them to eat at the restaurants. Some restaurants might display very interesting and attractive pictures of the foods in their menu which most of the time those make you believe that the taste would be good as well. However, reality might be completely different from your expectation, and it could also get you disappointed when you get the food after waiting. The taste might be not as good as you thought. Thus, it would waste both your time and money spent on the food.

Waste of time


Eating outsides at the restaurants can be a waste of time. Before going out to eat, you need to spend time travelling from your homes to the restaurant. Sometimes, you might be stuck in the traffic for more than an hour, as a result, it takes longer time of travelling. Later when you get into the restaurants, you need to spend some more time on ordering for foods and the order would take about 10 to 30 minutes to be ready to serve. This adds to more time wasted. After you finish eating, you need to spend more time to get back home. Therefore, eating outside can also be counted as a waste of time. For some busy people, this factor should really take into consideration again.